Your Contact Tracing
with RTLS

Watch THIS Webinar TO LEARN how hospitals can leverage real-time locating systems (RTLS) to prevent the spread of infection.

Automated Contact Tracing in the Hospital Environment: Developing your ACT Plan™


Kim Barnhardt, RN, MHA/MBA Clinical Education Manager
Midmark RTLS


Jeanne Kraimer
Marketing Manager

Midmark RTLS

Inpatient contact tracing can be a complex endeavor, especially when the patient’s infectious diagnosis occurs several days into an admission. How does the care team accurately identify the exposed staff, patients and equipment? And do so quickly to limit further spread?

Kim Barnhardt, RN, MHA/MBA, Clinical Education Manager at Midmark RTLS, and Jeanne Kraimer, Marketing Manager at Midmark RTLS, share how the same real-time locating system (RTLS) used to automate many nurse call systems can also automate contact tracing. RTLS is helping care teams quickly identify interactions between COVID-positive patients and staff, as well as other infectious diseases. They also describe how RTLS data not only identifies direct exposure to a contagious individual, but also secondary and tertiary exposures. If you already have RTLS in your facility or if you are considering it, this webinar will help you develop your Automated Contact Tracing (ACT) plan to leverage RTLS for this critical use case.

(This webinar originally aired on Tuesday, June 23, 2020.)