One Clinic's Journey to Deliver Safer Care During COVID-19

Hear how Columbia Basin Health Association uses real-time locating system (RTLS) Technology to prevent the spread of Infection.

WEBINAR: "What the Heck? Keeping Patients Safe in the Clinic Environment during the COVID-19 Pandemic" 

Tawni Solberg Head Shot square

Tawni Solberg, MHA, Risk Manager
Columbia Basin Health


Kim Barnhardt, RN, MHA/MBA, Clinical Education Manager
Midmark RTLS

How are care teams managing patient and staff exposure to contagions in their clinics? And how does a direct-rooming model contribute to social distancing and a better, safer patient experience?

Tawni Solberg, MHA, Risk Manager at Columbia Basin Health Association, shares how staff are using real-time locating system (RTLS) technology originally deployed for patient flow to address several concerns in the new COVID-19 reality: self-rooming workflows to limit interactions in the waiting room; automated contact tracing to identify patients and staff who may have been exposed to contagions; and room status cues to understand at a glance which exam rooms need disinfecting and which are ready for a new patient. Tawni is joined by Kim Barnhardt, RN, MHA/MBA, Clinical Education Manager at Midmark RTLS, who will explain the technology in clinical terms, helping those health systems considering RTLS understand how the technology not only improves the patient experience, but also makes it a safer one.

(This webinar originally aired on Thursday, June 25, 2020.)