Save significantly with RTLS.

See how Mclaren Flint saved $1 Million with Midmark RTLS.


At HIMSS, Midmark RTLS user McLaren Flint gave a presentation on using a real-time locating system (RTLS) to manage and track IV pumps.

Dave Dickey, Vice President of Clinical Engineering at McLaren Health Care, presented "Real ROI: Using RTLS to Improve IV Pump Utilization and Save $1M." McLaren uses Midmark RTLS to keep track of their IV pump inventory, and to ensure that caregivers always have access to an IV pump for patient care. 

Download Dickey's HIMSS18 presentation slides to learn: 

  • What kind of ROI can a real-time locating system provide for new capital purchases? 
  • How do you gain buy-in from clinical staff when reducing the number of IV pumps in a hospital's fleet? 
  • How do you use RTLS PAR-levels to manage inventory?